You're a singer-songwriter!

congrats, you're automatically an awesome human.  here's how ovation can help. 

If you're looking to put a song, or even an EP or album out on Spotify, Apple Music, etc., but don't have thousands of dollars on hand to go into a physical studio and hire musicians and engineers, then ovation might just be a lifesaver. 

here's how it works: 

  • you send us your demo (in whatever form it's in!) and examples of songs you love that you imagine yours sounding like.  Whether you want something intimate, like just piano and a light drum track, or a full band, backing vocals, we can do it all. Hell, we can even give you a whole string orchestra using hollywood-level virtual instruments. 

  • ovation and its in-house musicians (a husband and wife team and some pro musician friends!) create a fully professional-sounding instrumental bed for your song. 

  • You then record your vocals (wherever you are in the world!) and send them to us, to be tuned, edited, and mixed into the track

  • you get fully mixed and mastered and distribution-ready audio files of your finished song. 

you'll never be flying blind.  ovation will help you, guide you, and be all-around musical life coaches for your production every step of the way.  we love songs, and we want the world to love yours too. 

so... how much?

We want our clients to be able to take advantage of how far technology has come.  Ovation's studio is fully equipped with professional recording gear that rivals any traditional brick-and-mortar studio, as well as a massive suite of virtual instruments and plugins that provide striking realism.   There's no real reason to spend 10k on a week in a studio anymore when something like Ovation exists, especially for your first projects as an emerging artist! 

The pricing below is flat-fee that provides all production, mixing, and mastering.  We don't limit our final mix revisions like some houses do, we tweak it until you are 100% happy, and we don't have a client fader. 

1 song:   $425 

2-3 songs:  $375 each 

5-10 songs: $325 each 

ready to reach out? 

hit that contact button up top! 


check out some samples! 

Mosadi O Mopila So - Chorus & percussion
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Glocca Mora - Sandy Taylor
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